Students unhappy with moving out as renovation will begin at Knights Park

By Aradhya Gujar


Render of proposed new extension building

Knights Park students are outraged by the decision to move classes to other campuses whilst rebuilding work takes place from September.

The Knights Park campus will be renovated and some courses, including Illustration Animation and Graphic Design will be forced to move to other Kingston campuses.

“The decision is fair that they want to improve the facilities but at the same time they should have thought about the difficulties the students could be facing.” Said Riyansh Shah, a second-year architecture student.

Students joining Kingston University this year have not been told about the renovation or the relocation to other campuses.

Kingston University was ranked in the top 100 for art and design courses globally earlier this month.

Nathan Ward, a first-year Illustration Animation student said: “We were told that we’ll have to go to the river house during the time they finish up with the work here at Knights Park.”

The number of applications to study abroad next year has increased but the International Administrator for the Kingston School of Art and Design said that the campus renovations were not solely to blame for this.

Some students however, believe that the rebuilding work will be beneficial in the long run.

Vighnesh Palani, a third-year graphic design student said: “I’m actually quite happy because the building really needed this change and after it’s done, people will realise it.”

The renovations are expected to begin at the start of the first semester of the next academic year.