Knights Park Students Enjoying Varsity Despite Cougars Trailing After Opener

By Eric Cunha

The Kingston Cougars are trailing City University 12-4 after the first day of the 2017 varsity series at CitySport in Barbican on Tuesday.

The City University Wolfpack raced to an early lead after wins in all the volleyball and squash matches and a draw in the badminton event, before Kingston reduced the deficit with a win in the mixed hockey.

Bayn Badmaeva, an 18-year-old Interior Design student in Knights Park, watched the first day of the event and said: “It was not the best start on the field but it has definitely been fun and worth the journey to Central London.”

The varsity series is an annual event where students from two rival universities compete in various sporting events over two days.

The second day of this year’s series will take place on Wednesday at the Kingston University sports ground in Tolworth.

Fun Atmosphere

Kirstie Wong, a City University student said: “It’s my second varsity but Kingston students have been the best visiting fans. You can tell it is a great arts school.”

Tomorrow’s events include men’s football, tennis and men’s rugby, which traditionally concludes the varsity series.

Sixteen points are available in tomorrow’s events making the Cougars’ eight point deficit still recoverable.

Jae Lee, a Fashion student at Kingston and spectator, said: “Winning would be a bonus, the atmosphere is what makes these days really fun.”

Spectator tickets for the second day cost £10 and supporters are able to participate in novelty sports including zorb football during the traditional “give-it-a-go” portion of the afternoon.