Cleaning begins at Hogsmill river


By Aradhya Gujar

Students breathe a sigh of relief as Kingston University’s officials begin the work of cleaning Hogsmill river that divides Knights Park campus and Middle Mill halls of residence.

Increasing number of moths and flies hovering above the river that runs along the Stanley Picker Gallery, Middle Mill and Knights Park has been causing difficulties for students and other by passers lately.

Georgina Hamman, one of the caretakers at Middle Mill said: “With summer closing in we have to start with cleaning or the number of flies will only keep increasing.”

Flies and moths all around the place are no strangers for the students and the residents and are becoming a concern for everyone.

The cleaning process began in the last week of March and is expected to continue for another week.

Jacob Chandler, an American student doing foundation in Fine Arts said: “It’s good that they are doing the cleaning at this time as most of the students will be home during the Easter break.”

Students and staff have noticed that the number of flies always increases during the timespan between spring and summer seasons.

The work of cleaning Hogsmill is shared between the officials at Middle Mill and a company outsourced by Kingston council.


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