Knights Park Students “Stereotyped” and Unable to Play Sport

By Eric Cunha

More than half of Knights Park students are not allowed to play university sport on a Wednesday afternoon according to a survey conducted last week.

Fifty-four per cent of Knights Park students have timetabled classes on Wednesday afternoons, which is often when university extra-curricular activities are played.

Abigail Collins, a first-year Fashion student said: “We might just be stereotyped because no one expects us to actually be into sport.”

A similar survey was conducted on Penrhyn Road students and just 37 per cent had lectures or seminars on a Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday Afternoon Policy

Kingston University has a policy which aims to ensure that students do not have timetabled classes on Wednesday afternoons although some classes are exempt.

Enoch Bugyei, a Games Technology student in Penrhyn Road, said: “I know the university do their best to keep Wednesdays free but it is strange that it is mainly arts students that have classes.”

According to the student union, over 1500 Kingston students play university sport.

Some Knights Park students however, favour having timetabled lessons on Wednesday afternoons.

Theo Walsh, a Fashion student said: “I prefer having lessons, I am paying £9000 for a degree after all.”

Later this week, Kingston University will compete in the annual varsity event against City University.

More statistics from the survey can be found here.


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