Study Abroad Applications Rise

By  Michelle Wang


Promotional image for a short course in fashion design offered by Kingston University across three top fashion cities

More students than ever before have applied to study abroad just months before most Faculty of Arts and Design courses will be forced out of the Knights Park campus due to renovations.

Some courses will be forced to move to River House, Middle Mill and Penrhyn Road in the next academic year, although fashion courses are expected to stay on Knights Park despite the refurbishments.

Harriet Davey, 20, a Graphic Design course representative said: “The campus environment makes Kingston special so it makes sense that people do not want to be here next year.”

According to Adam Haslam, the Graphic Design Course Director, applications to study abroad have more than doubled in the course.

Just five Illustration Animation students studied abroad in 2016/17, however 25 applications have already been made for 2017/18.

Ben Crombie, 20, a first year Illustration Animation student said: “Universities should by law have to tell potential students where they will be studying and if a course is being moved to a temporary building.”

Currently, 65 students from the Faculty of Arts and Design are studying abroad, a slight increase from 2014/15 where 60 students did semesters abroad.

Alan Russell, the International Administrator for the Kingston School of Art and Design, said that the campus renovations are not to blame for the growing number of study abroad applications.

Russell said: “The number of study abroad applications has gone up year on year, and students are feeling a sense of urgency to spend some time overseas before Brexit.”

Study abroad applications from the Faculty of Art and Design make up roughly 40 per cent of all study abroad applications in the university.

Students have until May 31 to apply to study abroad for the whole of the next academic year.


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